Increase node memory


The service was back online at 2133 UTC

This work was delayed and failed due to upgraded DIMM modules being faulty and the motherboard not accepting the upgraded modules

The work has been postponed and will be rescheduled for a later date.

The delays were complicated by the supermicro motherboard doing extensive DIMM checks before booting into OS. The NOC engineer who did the work did not clearly label which DIMM modules were removed originally prior to the upgrade which meant that when the original DIMMs were put back in, they were not the exact originals. We will provide feedback to the NOC management team.

Apologies for this.


The work has taken longer than expected apologies

The LONHV0 hardware has rejected new memory DIMM modules

We are reverting this and the node will be online shortly

We will have to rearrange the works for a different time


The work has begun.

Maintenance Planned

Due to operational capacity and planning we are carrying out essential emergency RAM upgrades on this node. Your VM and the UK mirrors service will be offline temporarily whilst this maintenance is carried out. We predict that the node and associated services will be offline for 30 minutes in total.