We are moving to a new DNS provider

Maintenance Planned

We have been recently reviewing stats using updown.io which monitors the performance of our DNS from multiple locations across the globe. The results have identified that our DNS lookup times are not as efficient as they could be. We are therefore migrating all DNS services to Digital Ocean. This work will be commencing at Midnight 15 August 2020 UK Time (23:00 UTC). The work is low risk because it involves copying the current DNS records into Digital Ocean and therefore the records can be cross-referenced before the switch is completed. In the event that the migration is unsuccessful, we will simply revert back to the current DNS provider. Most projects use their own DNS services with other providers and therefore will be unaffected by this change. The only projects and services that will be affected will be shared services such as mirrors, BBB, shared web hosting and the fosshost.org website. There are a minimal number of projects who access their services using fosshost-issued domains such as vmid.nodeid.net.fosshost.org and or custom records, so there may be a short period of time whilst full propagation takes place, however this will be carefully mitigated using low TTL.

9 Affected Services: